The Comfort & Support Your Pet Needs

  1. The process will be clearly explained and your questions will be answered by our professionals. When your designed vet arrives, our main priority is attending your pet’s well-being.

  2. Our Caring Professional Vet will go to your home at the most convenient time for you. You will have enough time to say your goodbyes and whenever you are ready, the vet will administer a gentle sedative in such a way that your pet will have a gentle and respectful goodbye. This is not a painful or distressing process, your pet simply drifts into a peaceful sleep.

  3. The next phase of this process involves giving your pet an anaesthetic agent that causes their heart to slow and then gently stop. They pass away peacefully. This process is very gentle, humane and generally a calmer and more tranquil one than can be delivered at any clinic.

Is It Time?

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