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We’re a dedicated team of vets. We love animals and we know how hard this moment is for both you and your loved ones. Whether you’re in need of gentle dog euthanasia, cat euthanasia or any other type of pet euthanasia, feel free to get in touch with us FOR FREE using the following form. NO OBLIGATIONS.

Prices starting at £300.

    Customer Testimonials

    Fiona says,

    Thank you Michelle, Marcos was so calm and compassionate. My children were both able to be there in the garden with me for Bessie. Bob Marley sang, the sun shone it was as calm and peaceful as it could be. Thanks so much.

    Maria says,

    I couldn’t have asked for a truly gracious end to my young dogs life. Marcos was fantastic, caring and we very much appreciated his quiet demeanour. A dog who hates the vets and strangers – she was completely unfazed. Thank you. Highly recommended.

    How do I know if it's time?

    If you are considering if it is the time right to “put my dog down” or “put my cat down” then you can talk to our understanding specially trained Care Coordinators who will help you through this difficult decision.

    Please call us to arrange a Premier3Vets home visit or to ask any questions you might have about putting your pet to sleep at home. All calls are free and lines are manned between 7am and 8pm you will be treated with the utmost compassion and care.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What are the benefits of performing home euthanasia?

    This avoids anxiety for the pet when travelling to the clinic, and the mourning process for owners is made easier by being carried out in the home environment.

    Who will euthanize my pet?

    We have a team of collegiate veterinarians of great human quality. They will be able to advise you during the process, ensuring maximum comfort for both you and your loved ones.

    Which pets do you treat?

    In our case we offer this farewell service for dogs and cats, although it can also be performed on other types of pets, like rabbits or guinea pigs.