Preparing mentally to say goodbye to a dog is a very hard process, almost impossible, but it is necessary because this way you will be able to accompany him, so that he does not feel that you are sad… so that your dog will be tucked in and will feel loved until the end.

It is a very radical change in our lives, those of us who have been through it know that a sudden emptiness is felt that at first is very difficult to fill. That’s why we give you this advice that we have been elaborating collecting experiences of the owners who have experienced the farewell at home.

1. The farewell at home is something that should be programmed whenever possible.

We feel very sorry when we are called urgently because a dog or cat has such suffering that we have to go as fast as possible. Our animals have given us everything, they deserve that we do not put them through unnecessary suffering.

It is also important for us, your human family, to have the time to process and assimilate the change that is coming.

2. Once the vet has determined that the time has come to let your friend rest, take advantage of this to spend as much time with him as you can. Try not to make it sad, remember that they often feel what you feel.

Take him to his favourite places, buy him those toys he loves, give him lots of cuddles and above all, try to make your moments together very happy.

3. You can consider creating home memories that will last forever. There are people who put their dog’s or cat’s paws on a clay plate, so you can always keep them.

4. But without a doubt, the most important thing is to be fully aware that what you are doing is the best gift you could give him.

You are going to avoid him a few days or months when your dear friend would have a really bad time. If you really manage to internalize this, letting go of your friend, even though it is always hard, will be less painful.

Saying goodbye at home is the most relaxed and sweetest way to say goodbye to your friend.

When the time comes we cannot be selfish, they have not given everything every day. No matter how much it costs, no matter how much it hurts, the moment your dog (or your cat) really starts to suffer from old age or illness, you have to be strong and let him go with dignity.

The farewell at home, has been thought to make this painful process easier and more bearable: we try to make your last moments together peaceful and where he is more comfortable, in his home.

When dogs are taken to the vet for euthanasia, it has been proven that they usually spend their last minutes nervous and uneasy because they are outside their environment. With the farewell at home you will say goodbye to your dog or cat in its bed, in your house, in its environment.

The vets will help you to cope with this difficult moment and will stay with you for as long as necessary: we all know how difficult these situations are and their knowledge of them and their kind words are very reassuring for the owners.

How to prepare for euthanasia?

Make the dog as comfortable as possible.

Turn down the lights and choose an appropriate place where he will normally feel happy and tucked in: the sofa, his bed, the living room…

The people closest to the dog may be present, this is sure to reassure you. And it supports you too.

What to expect during euthanasia?

First, a soothing sedative is injected under the skin. A feeling of peace and quiet begins in 5-15 minutes.

Then, a concentrated injection of anesthetic is injected into the vein. This medicine quickly stops the brain and heart, without pain.

The veterinarian will then check the animal’s vital signs to ensure that the medicine has worked.

The process usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

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